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How to use coconut oil?

In these times the coconut oil has gained enough fame and we can say that it is completely deserved. It has many benefits, both health and beauty!

Do you like to cook healthy? Use coconut oil Do you have dry skin? Use coconut oil Do you need a source of energy? Use coconut oil.

While you may already use it as a natural moisturizer, or for cooking, we present you five more uses of this beneficial oil for you:

Exfoliate: Simply combine coconut oil with sea salt or sugar for a daily exfoliant. While salt or sugar exfoliates the skin, coconut oil moisturizes and softens it.

Prevent: Although you do not believe it, coconut oil can prevent some metal objects from oxidizing. Simply carve some coconut oil in your tools or some other object that can rust, let it sit a couple of hours and rinse it.

Protect: Coconut oil contains a natural SPF. Combined with shea butter, zinc oxide, beeswax and essential oils, you can make a sunscreen without the need for aggressive chemicals.

Relieve: Some use coconut oil as a solution for sore throat. Try to take one to three teaspoons of coconut oil when you feel discomfort in your throat or cough because of irritation.

Share: Like us, our pets can benefit from coconut oil: apply it on areas of the skin with mild irritation to relieve discomfort.

Moral: Coconut oil serves (almost) everything.


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